3 Reasons Why You Should See An Attorney About Child Custody Issues

Custody of child

As parents, you and your spouse have many decisions to make about the wellbeing of your child. While you were married, there may have been some disagreements about such matters, but ultimately they were settled. Why? Well, because you and your spouse looked beyond yourselves and made decisions that would benefit your child.

After a divorce, this process can get much more complicated. In many situations, seeing or talking to your ex is the last thing you want to do. But, the fact is, you have a child or children with this person and you’ll have to consult with your ex often to make important decisions on your child’s behalf.

Trying to Work Through Things on Your Own

When a couple is going through a divorce, there are usually a lot of raw emotions involved. Feelings of disloyalty, anger and hurt can cloud a person’s judgment when it comes to making decisions. Even after a couple has been divorced for years, those feelings may still be felt.

Trying to care for the needs of your child can be difficult when dealing with such feelings. Some couples are really good at putting their feelings aside and making important decisions. Others need some outside help.

3 Reasons You Should See An Attorney About Child Custody Issues

If you find yourself at a standstill with your ex about child custody issues, it may be time to get an attorney involved.

  1. They Will Have the Best Interests of the Child in Mind. The court system of the United States’ ultimate goal is to look out for the interests of the child. Some parents have been guilty of using the child as leverage against the other parent. Not only will this not help the decision process, it is hurtful to the child more than anyone else. According to Single Parents Expert Debrina Washington, an attorney can help you make decisions that are best for your little one.
  2. An Attorney Will Also Have Your Best Interests at Heart. It isn’t uncommon for one spouse to feel bullied by the other. When this happens, the bullied spouse may end up giving up a lot of their child custody rights. A lawyer will help you fight for your rights to be with your child.
  3. Having a Lawyer Will Help You and Your Ex Come to An Agreement Sooner. An attorney can act as a mediator, helping you to put personal feelings aside and come up with a good Parenting Agreement even sooner. Why try to do this on your own when you can have a professional guide you along the way?

Hire a Child Custody Attorney to Help Keep the Peace

Child custody issues don’t have to turn into battles between you and your ex. Contact the law office of John C. Fitzpatrick for a consultation. We will be happy to show you how hiring an attorney can make child custody decisions much easier.