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4 Steps To Take Immediately Following A Car Accident

iStock_000030703104_Small (1)Have you ever been in a car accident? If you have, you know how terrifying the experience can be. Even a seemingly insignificant fender bender can set your heart racing. Those first few moments after an accident are vital and action must be taken. This can be difficult considering how shaken most people are after the experience. Being prepared now, while things are calm, can help you recall what to do when you find yourself in a car accident. Here are four steps to take immediately after an accident.

4 Steps: What To Do After A Car Accident

  1. Do Your Best To Remain Calm. According to State Farm Insurance Company, the number one thing to do after an accident is to remain calm. This can be extremely difficult, though. The body immediately goes into fight or flight mode with adrenaline pumping through our veins. It can be easy for people go into shock, hyperventilate or pass out after they’ve been through such an ordeal. If you can, do your best to avoid these things. You need to remain alert for your safety and the safety of any others involved in the accident. Take some deep breaths and talk yourself down. Tell yourself that you’re going to be ok. It can be easy to get frustrated with yourself if you have difficulty calming down. Don’t worry about that, it will just cause more stress. You’re not failing if you have a hard time calming yourself. Remember your body is doing what it was made to do in dangerous situations. Keep telling yourself everything will be ok and taking deep, soothing breaths.
  2. Are There Any Injuries? If So, Call An Ambulance. After you’ve taken a moment to calm your nerves, evaluate your situation. Are you injured? Is there anyone else in the car with you? If so, are they injured? If there was another person involved (another vehicle, cyclist, motorcyclist, pedestrian, etc.), are they injured? Call an ambulance right away if anyone is injured or if you’re not sure whether or not an injury has occurred.
  3. Get To Safety. Just because the accident is over doesn’t mean you’re safe. Move your car, if you can, out of the road. If anyone is lying in the road, try to get them to safety. Assess the situation first to make sure it’s safe. You can’t help someone if you get hurt.
  4. Call The Police. No matter the size of the accident, call police right away.

Contact A Legal Professional ASAP

After calling the police, you should contact your insurance company and then an attorney. A legal representative can help you get what you deserve from an insurance company if you’re the victim of the accident. If you caused the accident, there may be a chance someone might try to take legal action against you, especially if serious injury or death occurred as a result of the car accident. Having a trusted lawyer on your side will help protect your rights. Contact the lawyers at John C. Fitzpatrick to see how we can serve you.