5 Reasons Why Marriage Might Be Preferred to Singleness

shutterstock_113785513Love and marriage – we’ve been taught they go hand-in-hand, and yet many forgo marriage for singleness. Getting married has been a goal of most people for thousands of years, but it is becoming increasingly unpopular. What has contributed to this shift causing more people to celebrate singleness? Is there any evidence that marriage is beneficial?

Why Most People Think Staying Single Is the Better Alternative

Many do not value the legal aspect of marriage. They argue that their relationships, unbounded by a contract, are stronger. Both parties are fully committed, and they stay in the relationship because they want to, not because they are obliged to. These couples point out that many of them stay together longer than most married couples.

This leads us to what is most likely the #1 reason for choosing singleness: the skyrocketing divorce rate. Divorce has reached 50%, and it is even higher for those entering into their second marriage.

With so much uncertainty, can it really be said that marriage is beneficial?

5 Reasons Why Marriage Trumps Singleness

While there are valid arguments in favor of singleness, there is some proof that marriage is beneficial. Here are just five reasons why marriage may trump singleness.

  1. Tax Breaks – Married couples may be able to get some tax breaks, especially if they have children. Tax laws also allow married couples to be named as business partners if they own a business, therefore allowing more income from the business to be distributed to the family.
  2. Better Health Insurance Coverage – Personal insurance is good; dual coverage is great. Married couples can add their spouse to their health insurance plan, which means you will pay less out of pocket for medical procedures, and little, if anything, for routine doctor’s visits.
  3. It Forces You to Plan Your Estate – Married people have to think about protecting not only themselves and their assets; they have to think about protecting their mate and children. This responsibility moves them to start planning their estate sooner than if they were single.
  4. Health Benefits – In the Askmen.com article entitled Top 10: Reasons to Get Married, writer Andrew Moore mentions a 2006 University of California study done comparing the health benefits of singleness versus married life. Singles are 5 times more likely to die from an infectious disease and 40% more likely to die from heart disease than married people.
  5. Happiness – Recent studies, like the one discussed in a recent Huffington Post article about marriage, singleness and happiness, have found that married couples are often happier than singles. Why? Married couples have support, someone to lean on during hard times and to talk through problems.

There Are Still Concerns

These are just a few of the reasons why marriage is beneficial; there are many more. Some are still concerned about the high divorce rate, and rightly so. You do not have to be a part of that statistic, though. Wait to get married until you find the right person and then be determined to work hard at making your marriage successful. With such resolve, you will see evidence in your own life that marriage is beneficial.