About Child Custody

child custodyYou will need to explore child custody arrangements at the same time as your divorce. Ideally, divorces would result in joint custody when each parent gives equal time with the children. There are many reasons child because they may not be split equitably. Here are some of the things that are taking into consideration in a child custody agreement.

Determining Child Custody in North Carolina

The divorce court system in North Carolina will strive to make decisions in the best interest of the child. Factors considered are those affecting the mental and physical health of the children, like comfort in school or community, living accommodations, relations with siblings and relationships with the parents. Understanding how factors affect child custody North Carolina requires an experienced family law lawyer.

Types of Child Custody

There are several types of custody in North Carolina. Temporary custody grants custody during the divorce or separation proceeding. Exclusive custody endows all custody right to only one parent. Joint custody gives both parents equal rights in making decisions regarding the child’s upbringing. Courts award joint custody for cases in which both parents can properly perform their duties as parents.

The court has and will board custody to a third-party if it is sought. This is typically a close relative like a grandparent or brother or sister of one of the spouses. At the leniency of the court, the decision may be to separate the children if it is in the best entrance of each child be placed with a different pair. In most cases, this is avoided. It is deemed best that sibling should remain together in a custody agreement.

Contact a Child Custody Attorney

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