Are You Accused of Illegal Weapons Charge? 2 Reasons to Contact a Lawyer

138550_thumbnailThe subject of guns and gun laws has caused a lot of debate and tensions in the country over the last few years. It seems that the country is split right down the middle between those who want tougher gun laws and restrictions, and those who demand their constitutional right to possess a gun.

Why are some people so adamant about stricter gun laws? The biggest reason is because gun violence in this country is unparalleled. In fact, according to one source, over 28,000 people have died because of gun violence over an eleven year period of time. The same source, writers Kate Murphy and Jordan Rubio, state that for every soldier killed in war in Afghanistan, thirteen children were killed by a gun.

It’s no wonder people are concerned. Another thing that has those same people worried is the amount of illegal weapons arrests. What constitutes an illegal weapons charge? And, if you’ve been accused, how can a lawyer help?

What Is An Illegal Weapons Charge?

There are certain weapons that have been deemed too dangerous for any citizen of this country and have been banned. If someone owns such a weapon, they can be arrested on an illegal weapons charge. Additionally, each state has its own laws regarding who can own certain weapons. People who don’t meet the legal requirements aren’t allowed to own weapons, and if they do—it’s grounds for arrest.

2 Ways a Lawyer Can Help If You Are Accused of Illegal Weapons Charge

Sometimes it can be easy to think it’s best to defend yourself when charged with a crime. You don’t have to go it alone, though. In fact, with felony cases, such as illegal weapons charges, having an experienced lawyer on your side is imperative. Here are two reasons why you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

  1. An Attorney Can Offer a Defense Against the Possession Charge. Attorneys know the law inside and out. They can help you find ways to question a possession charge. For example: was the weapon actually a banned, illegal weapon? Or, was the vehicle in which the weapon was found owned by you or someone else? An attorney will also have more information regarding whether the charge is rightly a felony or if it should be reduced to a misdemeanor.
  2. Lawyers Can Also Help You With Weapon Use Charges. An attorney knows the right questions to bring up that could get your charge and/or sentence reduced. For instance, most crimes involving a weapon are considered a felony. But was the weapon really used? If not, the charge would need to be changed. This is one of the differences between a robbery and an aggravated robbery.

Contact an Attorney If You Have Been Charged

If you find yourself being charged with an illegal weapons charge, contact an attorney right away. Every citizen of this country has the right to a good defense. Contact John C. Fitzpatrick today to see how we can assist you.