What is a “No-Fault” Divorce?

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When neither party attempts to prove the other is to blame for the divorce, it is called a no-fault divorce. While divorce law varies state to state, each state acknowledges no-fault divorce. You need only offer one of the acceptable legal reasons for divorce in your state to qualify. You should consult a divorce lawyer in your state to learn those … Read More

What Constitutes Police Profiling?

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There are various levels of police profiling—some legal, some not. Offender profiling, for example, is a method used during a criminal investigation that allows law enforcement to identify a likely suspect through offender profiling. Then, they can analyze patterns that could predict future victims or offenses. This type of police profiling is used to locate a potential criminal and arrest … Read More

What are the Types of Assault Charges in North Carolina?

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Assault charges takes many forms in North Carolina. However, if you are arrested for assaulting another person, you could face anything from a misdemeanor charge to a felony. Therefore, it is critical that you understand the different types of assault, and how engaging in a fight or injuring someone on purpose could affect you the rest of your life. Two … Read More

Drunk Driving and Sobriety Checkpoints: What are My Rights?

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To combat drunk driving, sobriety checkpoints are becoming a standard fixture in North Carolina. Law enforcement is working hard to combat the number of alcohol-related accidents and deaths — and rightfully so. With more than 4,102 deaths from 2003 to 2012 caused by drunken drivers, the state should create measures to prevent further losses. However, implementing the use of sobriety … Read More

When Does Probable Cause Apply?

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Might a lack of probable cause be a winning defense for your charges? Traffic stops are legal, but only when law enforcement can justify their reasons for stopping your vehicle. All citizens of the United States are protected by the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, which prevents law enforcement from performing a traffic stop and warrantless search. However, there are … Read More

2 Things You Need to Do If Your Case Evidence Is Lost

It is the legal requirement of law enforcement representatives to preserve evidence from a crime scene. Evidence can be used by the criminal defense attorney and the prosecution to build and defend their case. Law enforcement officers and the lawyers for both the defense and prosecution have the legal responsibility to keep evidence safe. What happens, though, if crucial case … Read More

Understanding the Basics of Embezzlement Law

Embezzlement Law

Embezzlement falls under the category of white collar crime in the state of North Carolina, and carries serious penalties. If you’ve been charged with embezzlement, you need the services of an attorney experienced in embezzlement law. In addition, understanding the basics of what constitutes embezzlement is important. What is Embezzlement?  Embezzlement is defined as the misappropriation of entrusted funds for … Read More

What are driver’s logs?

A North Carolina traffic law requires new drivers to document hours of driving by means of a driver’s log. While driving on the learners permit, up to 10 hours of driving per week may be logged. This means the long will cover a minimum of six weeks  at least 10 to 60 hours must be driving at night. Car Accidents … Read More

3 Steps to Take After a Fatal Accident

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It seems that every day there is a different news story detailing a fatal accident, whether as a result of poor driving decisions, workplace negligence, or vehicle malfunction. Simply seeing these headlines flash across our screens makes it a bit easier to skim through since we are not directly impacted by the consequences. In contrast, the family and friends who … Read More

Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

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If you’ve been injured in an accident, you need all the help you can get. While seeking legal representation as soon as possible is advisable, it’s unfortunate that some injury victims pick the first attorney they speak to and later come to regret it. Before you hire a personal injury attorney, it’s important to educate yourself and find the right fit for you … Read More