About Child Custody

You will need to explore child custody arrangements at the same time as your divorce. Ideally, divorces would result in joint custody when each parent gives equal time with the children. There are many reasons child because they may not be split equitably. Here are some of the things that are taking into consideration in a child custody agreement. Determining Child … Read More

Tractor Trailer Accident Involving Alcohol

In July of 2013 we saw all southbound lanes on Interstate 85 near Cole Mill Road closed for hours following a tractor-trailer wreck. Reports show the tractor-trailer hit an un-marked police vehicle which was pulled over conducting  a traffic stop. The officer was injured and taken to the hospital. The truck driver was charged with DWI and careless and reckless driving. Durham … Read More

Man faces numerous charges after 11-mile Durham car chase

Being a criminal lawyer isn’t always easy. It seems easy when you’re defending people who are innocent of the charges. If you read of the 11 mile car chase that ended ended with an arrest and minor injuries to the arresting officers, you have an idea of the more difficult days of being a criminal lawyer. Sometimes we defend people … Read More

When Should I get Divorced?

Durham Divorce Lawyer

No one said marriage would be easy; for better or for worse was the vow. The Law Firm of John C. Fitzpatrick supports making all efforts to save one marriage; however, these Durham divorce lawyers also realize there is a time when people have to chose divorce. Have you been considering divorce? Have you asked trusted friends advice on the matter. There are … Read More

Rollover Accident on US-40

US-40 Roll Over Accident Last night drivers on US-40 witnessed a two-car roll over accident happened at roughly 9:20 p.m. near Davis Drive. Two cars were involved; one that flipped and the other showed front end damage. At least one person was take to Duke hospital. Traffic patterns were not restored until almost 11:00 p.m.. The cause has yet to be determined, … Read More