White Collar Crimes—3 Reasons Why They Take Years to Prosecute

White collar crimes are both famous and infamous. Television shows have made this type of crime seem exciting. In real life, however, these crimes can ruin the lives of innocent people. A major contributor to the economic fallout of 2008 was due to white collar crimes—everything from embezzlement to fraud to insider trading has been charged against big corporations. These … Read More

3 Things to Expect If You Have Caused a Fatal Accident

One of the worst things anyone can ever go through is contributing to the death of another human being. Most of the people in this world hold life in high regard. They value their life and that of others. Sometimes there are accidents, though, and these can result in the loss of life. A common accident that leads to the … Read More

Careless Driving vs. Reckless Driving—2 Types of Traffic Violations and Their Differences

Certain terms that fall under the category of Traffic Violations—“reckless driving,” “careless driving,” “aggressive driving,” and “hazardous driving”—are all somewhat similar and many people use the terms interchangeably. Therefore, your first instinct may be to pay the ticket and be done with it. However, there may be much more involved than a simple traffic violation ticket. First of all, it’s … Read More

Divorce and the Financial Impact—4 Ways to Protect Yourself Financially

Divorce takes a heavy toll on the whole family. Relationships are strained as is the emotional wellbeing of everyone in the family. Divorce also takes a financial toll. Depending on how well prepared a person is or isn’t, permanent separation could be financially devastating. The Heavy Financial Impact of a Divorce The financial impact of a divorce can be so … Read More

Restoring Confidence in Justice—What One Man Has Done To Change the System

The founding fathers of the United States Constitution and justice system had grand ideas—that everyone is equal, should be properly represented in court and receive a fair trial. If these are the principles that this country’s judiciary system is founded upon, why are more people than ever losing faith in this system? Why Confidence in the Justice System Has Fallen … Read More

4 Requests a Defendant Can Make If Case Evidence Is Lost

Knowing that it is the legal obligation and responsibility of law representatives to preserve crime scene evidence should give us confidence. However, there have been cases in which material evidence, that which is crucial to the outcome of a criminal case, has been lost or destroyed. Thankfully, there are laws in place to protect a defendant from such occurrences. According … Read More

4 Objections Critics Have to the Exclusionary Rule in Criminal Cases—Part II

Over the years, revisions have been made to Amendments of the Constitution to clarify laws and protect the citizens of this country. One such revision was the amendment to the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution—the Exclusionary Rule. Even though this rule was put in place to protect citizens, critics say the rule causes more harm than good. Let us take … Read More

4 Objections Critics Have to the Exclusionary Rule in Criminal Cases—Part I

Critics—they’re everywhere. Some people are so good at expressing their opinions that they turn it into a living and become professional critics. Others are just average Joe’s who express their concerns to improve and change things around them that aren’t up to par. This is even true within the legal system. Every law that is put on the ballot has … Read More

5 Types of Evidence That Must Be Legally Preserved

When a crime has been committed there is evidence. Evidence includes data, statements from suspects and witnesses, as well as items found at a crime scene. The law requires that these things be preserved so that investigators can figure out exactly what happened—how the crime was committed, when it happened, the motive, and who might be guilty of the crime. … Read More