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Should you take the breath test?

Breath test | Durham DWI lawyerWhether or not to take the DWI breath test is likely that was frequently asked questions many DWI lawyer. There are penalties for refusing, but there are good rules of thumb to consider if you are faced with this decision. Clearly, take it if you’ve not been drinking. If you have been drinking, you should not take it. Beware that alcohol impairs your judgment and if you think you’ve only had a few drinks and can pass the test, you may find out you’re wrong.

The New Breath Test

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In recent years North Carolina has begun to using a major piece of technology for testing the blood alcohol content of a suspected drunk driver’s breath. Historically, they have used the Intoxylizer 5000 machine made by a company called CMI. The newer technology is the ECIR2. EC stands for electro chemical and IR stand for Infra Red. This new machine means that your DWI lawyer must understand yet another law enforcement tool.

Did you know your body can react differently on these breath test machines. There are different defenses available for each different machine. If you took the test and were charged with DWI, an experienced attorney can help advise if it will be admissible in court admissible in court.

Beating the Breath Test

Another question frequently asked is the best way to beat the breath test. The answer is always the same; designated a driver. If there is no designated driver, call a cab. The cost of a cab will always be less than the cost of the DWI conviction. If convicted you will lose your license and your insurance rates will skyrocket, if your company doesn’t drop you altogether. For some people this means they will also lose their job because they were longer transportation to get to and from work.

We pray you’re never charged with drunk driving. If you are, trust the experience in Law Office of John C. Fitzpatrick.

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