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Car Accidents—2 Steps to Take Before Contacting Your Insurance Company

car accidentsA car accident—one of the most heart pounding situations to ever find yourself in. Whether you caused the accident or are the victim, there are steps you will need to take to protect yourself. Your first inclination may be to call your insurance company right after the car accident. While it is important to contact your insurance, there are some steps you should take prior to making the call to your insurance agent.

Prepare Now While You Have the Time

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is true even in the case of a car accident. You might not know what to do because of the shock. This is why preparing ahead of time for such an event can be so helpful. When you do the research and have a plan in place, it’s easier to take the necessary steps when the time comes.

You can research a variety of subjects, from what to do if you’re ever pulled over, to ways to get yourself out of the car if the doors or automatic windows don’t work, even CPR in case you come upon an accident. Having such information in the back of your mind can not only help you endure, it could possibly even save a life.

2 Steps to Take Prior To Contacting Your Insurance Company after a Car Accident

While you’re doing your research on what steps to take after a car accident, you may find many insurance websites telling you that the first step to take is to call your insurance agent. There are, however, two steps you should take prior to that.

  1. Call the Police. Call for help if anyone has been injured. It’s also important to contact the police if you suspect drugs or alcohol to be the a contributing factor to the accident. A police report can prove valuable to your insurance company as well.
  2. Record Conversations and Take Pictures. Conversations you have with police officers, other drivers involved in the accident or witnesses should be recorded. Record specifics, such as what was seen, the person’s name and contact information. You can take pictures of the accident—your car and the damage, injuries, the scene of the accident, and other vehicles involved. If you don’t have a camera or a phone with a camera, ask someone to take pictures for you and email or text them to you. Pictures of the scene, damage and injuries can help with both the police and insurance company’s investigations. They can also serve as a protection for you, helping to ensure you receive just compensation.

You Don’t Have To Deal With This on Your Own

Being in a car accident is scary but you don’t have to deal with it alone. Contact the law office of John C. Fitzpatrick. The lawyers here are happy to stand by your side as a pillar of support and to be your advocate as you deal with the aftereffects of the accident.