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What should you do after a Car Accident?

If you’re in a car accident and were not injured, there are few things that you should do.

  • Car Accident Lawyer DurhamCall the police. They will deal with processing the accident and documenting the at fault party. If you can, help other people who may have been hurt in the accident; however, don’t anyone who has been injured unless not doing so puts them an even greater danger.
  • Move the involved vehicles. If the cars can be moved out of traffic, do so. Many actions can occur subsequent as a result of block traffic.
  • Gather the information from others involved in witnesses standing by. Smartphones are great for this. You can take pictures, jot down names and phone numbers, and take other notes that you want to remember a later time. Many insurance companies actually have their own app designed specifically for recording things like that is following cards
  • Do not claim responsibility for the accident. Sometimes simply apologizing for an accident can be interpreted as a admission of guilt.

Durham Accident Attorney

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