Divorce Mediation

What is divorce mediation?

Durham Divorce LawyerWhen a couple believes they can divorce under favorable conditions, they may choose mediation. This is one of the third party mediates an agreement between the two parties. This should not be confused with arbitration, which is when a third-party lender and finding agreement. In a mediation, a couple must agree upon the terms. Many courts will recommend, if not mandate mediation, prior to proceeding to the divorce hearing.

A mediation agreement  can address custody, property division and alimony. Any decision that could be reached in a courtroom can also be reached through mediation; however, mediation often fails in a divorce in the couple to court anyway.

Should you pursue mediation?

This is where experienced family law attorney is to your benefit. He or she will be able to speak to their experiences in how a judge will likely decide within the confines court. The decisions are of course yours to make, but having the experience of a seasoned attorney will make your decision easier.

Mediation often sounds appealing, but a couple seeking divorce is not always able to come to agreements. Aside from experience in the courtroom of course, and experienced divorce lawyer will be able to advise you regarding the likelihood of success in mediation. There never guarantees any attorneys advice, such as a lawyer who’s experienced and will you believe sincerely concerned for you and your family’s well being.

This law office routinely seeks alternatives for divorce. We believe that staying together is off what’s best for the family. When it becomes clear that is not possible, this Durham law firm will place is full of passion and experience behind winning your case.

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