No one should suffer domestic violence. Despite the protest of the offender, it rarely stops without intervention--even after the end of the relationship. We'll stand by you and help you understand your legal rights. There are various means by which you can protect yourself legally. Your first step in to contact an attorney.

Domestic Violence Protective Order

durham domestic violence attorneyIn North Carolina you can obtain a 50B Order, also known as a domestic violence protective order. This is intended as a tool law enforcement can use to stop domestic violence, intimidation, or harassment. This order pertains to members of the same household, regardless of marital status. If domestic violence has occurred or been threatened, a family law attorney at The Law Firm of John C. Fitzpatrick can help you exercise your legal rights and file a protective order to prevent further domestic violence. But what if you're being stalked or harassed by some one you don't live with?

North Carolina has what's know as a 50C Order which can be filed to prohibit unwanted contact from a harasser with whom you've never lived with or who is not in your family. It could however be filed against a family member or former family member who you do not currently live with. It may be confusing, but we can help you understand and protect your rights. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Defense From Accusations of Domestic Violence

What if you've been falsely accused of domestic violence? What if you've had a protective order filed against you? You have legal rights too and The Law Office of John C. Fitzpatrick will help you understand your legal rights.

Durham County Domestic Violence Attorney

Contact us today for an initial consultation. We'll simply and clearly explain your legal options for stopping domestic violence or false allegations of violence.