drug related crimes

Drug Abuse and Manufacturing on the Rise in North Carolina

drug related crimesThe manufacture of illegal drugs, especially Crystal Meth, is increasing across the country. Also on the rise is the improper use and abuse of prescription drugs. Drug sales and use have been issues throughout history, but it’s becoming even more of a big business in the past decade.

North Carolina has a reputation for being one of the states with the highest incidence of drug related crimes – manufacturing, distributing, possession, and abusing. Here are some facts pertaining to the rise of drug use in North Carolina.

Crystal Meth Manufacturing

North Carolina has a reputation for being a Crystal Meth state. In fact, one study found that the manufacture of Crystal Meth was up nearly 250%. Methamphetamines are highly addictive. Once a person starts meth, even after the first try, it can be difficult to stop using this drug. This high level of addiction makes it a lucrative business.

However, methamphetamine is not only dangerous to the user; it is dangerous to those making the drug and to anyone who comes into contact with a meth lab. The chemicals used to make it are highly unstable and can explode easily. Explosions and their subsequent fires have caused much property damage as well as the loss of life. Law enforcement officers are constantly putting their life at risk whenever they enter a structure they believe is being used as a meth lab.

When someone is caught manufacturing Crystal Meth, they will most likely be charged with drug possession, but also drug distribution. The manufacturing charge results in a Class C or a Class H felony. Add to that the Class 1 and Class G felony charges of possession and distribution and you can be looking at a very harsh sentence if found guilty.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Another growing concern in North Carolina is the prevalence of prescription drug abuse. The most commonly abused drugs are pain killers, depressants, opioids, stimulants, and morphine. These drugs are extremely addictive and can be not only dangerous, but deadly. There are progressively more emergency room visits due to prescription drug overdose than ever before. And sadly, many of those visiting the ER are young ones who found their parent’s prescriptions.

The abuse of prescription drugs is against the law. If you are in possession of drugs that have not been prescribed to you or are someone who has distributed prescription drugs to others, you could be in serious trouble. Even if you don’t get jail time, you could be looking at large fines and the offense will go on your permanent record.

Drug related crimes carry very harsh penalties. The price to pay for a drug crime may include a misdemeanor sentence, but more often than not the charge will be a felony. With this charge come jail time and higher bail fees. Everyone deserves the proper legal representation. Our lawyers can look at your case and see if there are circumstances that will contribute to a lower sentence or charge. Let us work for you – call us today to discuss your case.