Man faces numerous charges after 11-mile Durham car chase

Criminal Defense in DurhamBeing a criminal lawyer isn’t always easy. It seems easy when you’re defending people who are innocent of the charges. If you read of the 11 mile car chase that ended ended with an arrest and minor injuries to the arresting officers, you have an idea of the more difficult days of being a criminal lawyer. Sometimes we defend people who are guilty of the charges. Our justice system may not be perfect, but it is the best one in the world.

You are innocent until proven guilty and everyone deserves a vigorous defense. The Law Firm of John C. Fitzpatrick dedicates the same passion representing an innocent person as we do a guilty person. While we cannot speak to the specifics of this particular arrest, it might be safe to say that this person is in need of help. There are instances where we are able to get treatment provided for criminal defense clients that helps them deal with all of the troubles and their lives that have led up to the point in time where a person might feel so inclined as to lead officers on 11 mile car chase. Prison is not suited for rehabilitation. It may be possible to have the charges dismissed or reduced in combination with the rehabilitative service. This is why there is no substitute for experience.

Dismissal of Criminal Charges

There are many factors that go into the dismissal of criminal charges. Prior criminal history, effects of drugs or alcohol and other mitigating factors can determine if it’s possible to have your charges dismissed. You can tell when you’re speaking with an experienced Durham criminal attorney because he or she will be able to shoot straight and tell you what you may be able to expect. For example, this person’s charges are not going to be dismissed.

A good attorney will be able to set reasonable expectations based on the facts of your case, but he os she will not be able to guarantee any result. If you’re speaking with an attorney who does guarantee results, you may be best advised to seek council from another lawyer. We never charge for initial consultation on criminal cases. We know that not everyone has lots of money, so we will make arrangements for payment plans if you need it.

Reduction of Criminal Charges

A reduction of criminal charges is more common than an outright dismissal. An experienced attorney can negotiate with the district attorney, based on the facts of the case they may come to an agreement in which the charges can be reduced. In some instances there may be expectations on the accused to perform certain tasks in order to maintain the renegotiation with the DA. In other words, if you do not meet your end of the deal- they will pull away from you.


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