If you may be or are being investigated for embezzlement in the Durham area, contact a Durham criminal lawyer immediately at The Law Office of John C. Fitzpatrick. You should not speak with law enforcement or other investigators before discussing your situation with an attorney. If you’ve already been charged, you have the right to remain silent and speak to a lawyer.
In North Carolina, embezzlement is categorized as a white-collar crime. Any crime involving the misappropriation of funds entrusted to an individual for economical gain is considered embezzlement. It is considered larceny and you will face heavy penalties under North Carolina state law if convicted.

Experienced Embezzlement Defense

Some clients attempt to fix their situation and clear their name without the experienced counsel of a lawyer. This mistake typical helps the prosecution build a stronger case against you which will more likely to result in a conviction. If you even suspect that you may have committed the crime of embezzlement, even unintentionally, call our criminal defense lawyers immediately.
It is not uncommon for an embezzlement defendant to not know that what they did was a crime. The prosecution must prove that you hid the stolen money or property without consent of the owner and that did not intended to give the property back in order to get an embezzlement conviction. Our Durham criminal lawyers’ goals are to determine the best course of action to get the lightest sentence possible or have your charges dismissed.


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