Felony crimes are punishable by time served in state prison. In North Carolina however, felony sentencing can vary greatly. Offenses are judged and sentenced individually according the severity of the crime and the criminal history of the accused.
This may sound scary to a defendant, but it is often better than the mandatory sentencing in other states. Our skilled Durham criminal lawyers are experienced defending felony charges and strive to have every charge dismissed or minimize the sentence.


Felony Charges

  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Illegal Weapons Charges
  • Larceny
  • Sexual Assault
  • Violent Crimes

Felony Defense Attorney

We are committed to providing a vigorous criminal defense for all clients, regardless if you’re wrongly or rightly accused. The criminal justice system depend on attorneys defending their clients’ right to the best of their ability. All the Durham attorneys at The Law Firm of John C. Fitzpatrick will make every effort to have your charges dismissed.
Our criminal defense lawyers will interview you and any witnesses, review any case files and assemble all of the evidence need for a victorious defense. We will bed prepare for any possible charges that could be added or any possible plea deals.
Being arrested for a felony can be overwhelming for defendants and their families, since most people are unfamiliar with the criminal legal system. You are presumed innocent of the felony charges until proven guilty.

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