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Guilford Co. DWI Task Force Makes 600+ DWI Arrests


Guilford County law enforcement has been enforcing drunk driving laws extremely effectively since January 1. The article states that in addition to the DWI charges:

The DWI Task Force is also responsible for writing 687 citations for driving without a seat belt, 433 speeding tickets, and 416 citations for driving while license revoked.

Some charged with traffic violations like these like to say law enforcement is just trying to make money, but very little of the fines goes the their department. The truth is that they are enforcing the laws and doing their best to protect us from dangerous drivers.

The first conviction can result in license revocation, probation, fines and even jail time! If the offense is considered “aggravated,” you can receive up to 36 months in jail. While some want tougher penalties, those charged with drunk driving may believe these are significant punishments. That is of course the purpose of blog posts like this one and groups like MADD- to educate people of the dangerous and penalties involved.

So who are these dangers drivers? I suppose they may be anyone of us. We are all capable of mistakes. If you make a mistake of driving after drinking, call today for free consultation. You deserve a vigorous defense.

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DWI Defense

There are many strategies into send a DWI charge; however, there were laws enacted in recent years which may limit the strategies your attorney can employ. The second part of the DWI defense is around sentencing. The details of each charge affect the best strategy to deploy in your defense. This is why is imperative you hire an experienced DWI attorney.

A good lawyer may argue the legality of the traffic stop. He/she may find errors in the administering of road side sobriety test or breathalyzer results. If you are barely over the legal limit, the arresting officer may at their discretion testify on your behalf. Yes, on your behalf.

A case can go on for months and and require several court appearances. Successful defenses can result in reducing the penalty of conviction, reducing the crime with which you are charged and even complete dismissal of charges. In North Carolina complete dismissals or not common, but also not impossible.

This Durham law firm has been defending DWI charges for more than a decade. Your consultation is free. Call today.

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