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Hit and Run – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Run

hit and runOne of the more dangerous of punishable offenses is that of the hit and run accident. A vehicle accident is a scary situation to be involved in, especially if major damage, injury or death has occurred. Fear of the situation, or of punishment, may cause a person involved in an accident, especially if they caused the accident, to run away. While in the moment running away may seem the safe thing to do, it’s actually the worst possible thing you could do.

Why You Shouldn’t Run

It may seem obvious that you shouldn’t run, but in the moment, when adrenaline is flowing and fear is rushing through your veins, it may seem like the best option. Remembering why you shouldn’t run may help you in a future situation where you may be tempted to leave the scene of an accident.

  • If you’re involved in an accident where someone is injured, you may be the only hope the person has of surviving the accident until an ambulance comes. You may be able to offer emotional support to someone who is in shock; you may be able to provide CPR to someone who needs it as well.
  • You’ll have a clear conscience. Yes, you’ll feel bad for causing an accident and there will probably be a price to pay. However, living day in and day out with the knowledge that you caused an accident and then ran can take a negative emotional toll on you.
  • Law enforcement officers are able to do their job more quickly and efficiently if you don’t run. They can close your case rather quickly and then focus their time, resources and energy on other serious matters, instead of trying to track down a hit and run driver.
  • You’ll be in more trouble if you hit and run. If you’ve caused damage or injury, yes – there are going to be repercussions. But, if you flee the scene, you’ll have yet another charge brought against you. Another charge can mean a more severe sentence. This could be a more significant fine, more jail time, and one more charge on your permanent record.

What To Do If You Run

If you’ve caused and accident and made the mistake of running, discuss the issue with an attorney as soon as possible. A reliable legal representative will be able to help you take the best course of action. They may advise you how to turn yourself in, as well as provide you with answers to your questions regarding the possible outcome of your situation.

In the moment, your initial reaction when causing an accident is to bolt. If this has happened to you, contact a legal representative immediately. You will need to find someone who will work with you without bias and without judgment. We at the law offices of John C. Fitzpatrick are ready to be in your corner and help you get the best legal advice and assistance possible. Give us a call today to see how we can help.