Rollover Accident on US-40

US-40 Roll Over Accident

Last night drivers on US-40 witnessed a two-car roll over accident happened at roughly 9:20 p.m. near Davis Drive. Two cars were involved; one that flipped and the other showed front end damage. At least one person was take to Duke hospital. Traffic patterns were not restored until almost 11:00 p.m..

The cause has yet to be determined, but an experienced car accident lawyer may expect what legal actions will follow; however, A good attorney does not make predictions and guesses based on limited information. There are certain legal issues presented in this particular roll over accident that an injured party should be aware.

Fault in a Roll Over Accident

An attorney will need to establish a roll over wreck was due to anther party’s negligence. Legally speaking, you should view negligence as careless or reckless actions the resulted or contributed to an accident with injury. If past cases, roll over crashes have been the fault of automotive manufacturers. You likely remember the Ford Explorer claims. That became quite complicated leading to the realization the recommended tire inflation played a large part in the accident.

There is a key indicator of fault in a car accident: front end damage. While there are exceptions, that damages indicates the driver failed to maintain control of his/her vehicle sufficiently as to avoid impacting another vehicle. Driving courses have taught the  two-second rule. It is equivalent to one vehicle-length for every 5 mph of the current speed.

Durham Roll Over Accident Lawyer

There has yet to be sufficient information release regarding this particular accident, but it helps illustrates common facts in roll over wrecks. If you were hurt in a roll over accident, contact a Durham lawyer today.

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