North Carolina does not distinguish “petty larceny” or “grand larceny.” Instead, if you ar arrest for theft it will be charged as larceny and sentenced according to the severity of the situation and the value of that which was stolen. Theft can concern stealing property, home invasion, shoplifting, burglary, grand theft auto and more. If a firearm was stolen, a weapon was involved in the act or if the property was taken from an individual, the defendant will be charged with a felony irregardless of the value of the goods.
The Law Firm of John C. Fitzpatrick is experienced defending these criminal charges. We strive to reduce the sentence or have the charges dismissed for every client we serve.

Larceny Defense

Probation and fines are possible as opposed to jail time, if your charged with misdemeanor theft. If a conviction is unavoidable. Our Durham criminal lawyers can work with the district attorney and the judge to reach a plea agreement minimizing jail-time or time in prison. One of our criminal defense attorneys will thoroughly investigate to determine if there is sufficient evidence to make a larceny charge stick through a trial.


If you are convicted of larceny, in North Carolina, you could face time in jail.  
You should hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. 

Larceny Sentencing

  • For goods valuing less than $1,000: Up to 1 year in jail.
  • For goods valuing more than $1,000: 4-8 months in prison for a first offense and up to 25 months for a defendant with a history of criminal activity

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