speed trap

What is a speed trap?

Many drivers in the triangle area caught speeding in what most call a “speed trap.” One officer parks on an I-40 overpass with a radar gun and calls the make and model of vehicles to multiple officers further down the road. There are many other techniques, but this is one of the most effective.

Calling it a speed trap insinuates the driver was somehow taken advantage of. You just got caught, that’s all. Many good people get speeding ticket. Sometimes they are speeding because they are late. Other times they are unaware they were speeding. Either way, you are unlikely to receive much leniency from the officer. He/she has other officer near by and often times they have a quota to meet. Speeding tickets are a source of revenue for law enforcement after all.

Defending your Durham Speeding Ticket

The officer tells explains your options to addressing the speeding ticket when he demands your signature. Did they mention you could have a attorney defend you? That is not what usually happens, but you have the right to hire representation or defend yourself.

Hiring an experience speeding ticket attorney is advisable for any moving violation. In many cases, your ticket can be reduced to a non-moving violation. This means you will not receive points which drive up your insurance rates!

There are times when a ticket may be dismissed all together. It all depends on your ticket and driving history. Well, that and the experience of your lawyer. A good lawyer should be able to set expectations. If the lawyer starts speaking of definite outcomes or guarantees, run for the door! There are no guarantees when it comes to the resolution of your speeding ticket.

Durham Speeding Ticket Lawyer

The Law Firm of John C. Fitzpatrick has defended countless speeding violations. We’re in the courtroom every week negotiating lenience for our clients with the DA. Call today to speak to a speeding ticket lawyer.

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